The National Coalition utilizes the skills and resources of medical professionals and manufacturers to improve the quality of life for amputees.  Prosthetic and orthotic appliances are items that are medically necessary to:

Restore bodily functions that are essential to the activities of daily living,
Prevent significant physical disability.
Prevent serious deterioration of health,
Alleviate severe pain.

Where Faith Meets Hope!

  • Lower and Upper extremity Prosthetics
  • Partial Foot Prosthesis
  • Symes Prosthesis
  • Below Knee Prosthesis
  • Above Knee Prosthesis
  • Hip Disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy Prosthesis
  • Finger Prosthesis
  • Partial Hand Prosthesis
  • Below Elbow prosthesis
  • Above Elbow Prosthesis
  • Shrinkers for Postoperative swelling control