Our goal is to return amputees to a normal way of life.  For the millions of amputees living, the gift of mobility and promise of an idependent life is priceless.  Our staff is committed to the highest standards of Services for you in a timely and courteous manner.   You will receive the most up to date in technology and materials available to return you a normal way of life. The Staff will listen and work with you to design and select the appropriate components for your prosthetic needs.   

How soon can I get a Prothesis?
The actual period of time of your surgery and the first fitting of your prothesis depends on how quickly you heal.  Your suture line must be closed and there must be no drainage or open wound apparent on your residual limb.  Your general health must also be at a status that will allow you to tolerate the required physical therapy exercises.  A physician's prescription is required to get a prothesis.

Prostheses, commonly known as artificial limbs, must be of high quality, both technically and aesthetically to be truly beneficial. In addition, developing a lasting relationship between prosthetic practitioner and patient is of utmost importance to best serve long-term patient needs.

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