Join The National Coalition For Amputees In improving The Quality of Life for Amputees


The mission is to provide services to those who are in need of artificial limbs 
This is accomplished through education, support, advocacy, and empowerment.

Each year many individuals join the ranks of amputees nationally and internationally.  Cutting edge prosthetic technology has enabled amputees to return to a surprisingly active lifestyle. However, many patients lack the financial resources to obtain an artificial limb, and the recent strides in technology does not benefit them. 
Because of financial constraints or limitations, these patients are often forced to sacrifice their freedom and independence, and thus are often unable to live a normal lifestyle and achieve their full potential.

Artificial limbs are expensive.  Being fitted for an artificial limb is expensive. Rehabilitation care for an amputee is expensive.
Some amputees can’t afford the prosthesis because they’re                                        unemployed.
Many amputees are unemployed because they need a prosthetic. 
Others have limited or no medical insurance to defray the costs of                               securing  a prosthetic,
Others only have the revenues for the basics of survival for their                                  families.

The goal of the Coalition is to
Find resources to defray costs
Strive to provide the most up-to-date materials
Deliver a high standard of excellence in all phases of service delivery
Provide amputees with artificial limbs locally and internationally at no                           cost. 

The National Coalition for Amputees (NCFA)has received an overwhelming number of calls for information and assistance from a growing number of individuals experiencing difficulty in obtaining an appropriate prosthesis.  In response, NCFA has expanded its advocacy efforts to reach out to politicians, working nationwide to motivate and inform lawmakers regarding the critical need for all amputees to have access to an appropriate prosthesis.
The NCFA continues to make a profound difference in the lives of many.
The success of NCFA can be attributed to the ongoing moral and financial support of our partners and friends.   Education, support, advocacy, empowerment, these are the core elements of our mission.  NCFA strives to continue to fulfill this mission, through continuing to merit your support in the years ahead. 

Our Mission
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
Senator Curren Price Senate District 26th
Congresswoman Laura Richardson 37th District
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