The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti earlier this month has impacted countless lives in the small island nation. The BBC reports as many as 200,000 people will lose a limb as a result of the disaster.

The National Coalition for Amputees is committed to helping the people of Haiti. That's why we're leading the way to get much-needed prosthetic care to those in Haiti.

The Natioanal Coalition for Amputees will provide prosthetic components to clinics in the Dominican Republic. Because the primary prosthetic facility in Haiti was severely damaged in the earthquake, DRA is providing its facilities and staff until it can be rebuilt.

By donating to The National Coalition For Amputees relief effort you're having a direct impact on someone's life.  Every dollar affects a victim of this disaster in a positive way.

If we help the amputees of Haiti by giving them the prosthetic care they need, they can in turn have an impact on their country.

Please help us give the amputees of Haiti a second lease on life. Click here to donate.

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